Who are we?

We are a Service-, Product- and Experience designer company.

Our team made from highly skilled professionals coming from different areas of business. We share the same, robust vision about how an outstanding service and customer experience should look like.

a few words about Service design

Service Design is about designing the services well around your product. Even if your product itself is a service. Service design is always a customer-centred approach because, in the end, they will use the thing, so it makes sense to meet their expectations and requirements ?.

…so what are we doing?

Our main objective is to help our clients to transform their company culture and business tools to the level, where they can seamlessly provide outstanding customer experience and thus outcompete their rivals.

We believe if you want to create an exceptional product or service, you must have an excellent employee experience and the best tools for work. A frustrated employee with a broken tool in his hand will very unlikely deliver outstanding performance.

Do I need this?

Unfortunately, even if the founders has started everything in the right way, put their heart into the product, as the company grows, gets older and bigger, the different departments will unintentionally take control over customer experience.









sounds familiar to you?

  • Unnecessary amount of (useless) emails (ext. communication)
  • Tracking current cases, lack of internal communication
  • Manual processing of incoming offer requests
  • Business insights and analysis aren’t easily accessible
  • Poorly integrated systems and departments (manual work)
  • Decade old workflows, which were not designed for digitalisation

These symptoms will directly or invisibly influence the customer experience.

How do we work?

1. Extreme exposure

2. Transactional changes

3. Transformational changes

These symptoms will directly or invisibly influence the customer experience.

1. Extreme exposure

– How are you?

– Fine.

– A bit more detailed?

– Not fine.

The extreme resolution of details can result a completely opposite outcome. We deep dive into your company to understand exactly how it works. We go far beyond policies and org. charts. No one knows the company better than the employees, so we will listen to them, to get to know what prevents them to work much better, what is hidden from the management. The research is a crucial part before any further work. In here, we also form a good relationship and effective communication channels with the stakeholders.

2. Transactional changes (optimisation)

In the beginning we are looking for low-hanging fruits. Quickly fix the most important, frustrating issues. Simplifying workflows, save time and money for the whole organization. In this step, we make room for innovation and developments. We remove a significant amount of frustration from the employees, so they can and will perform much better. Since they notice positive changes, they will come up with their long-hidden (unspoken) ideas.

2. Transactional changes (optimisation)

We have collected massive amount of information about your organization, teams, your market, products, customer, etc. and started to receive feedback about the recent changes. Now we have a solid vision for your company and countless great ideas. It’s time to ignite boosters, start to re-shape everything what is (affecting customer experience) necessary to step toward your vision. No rush, just small, well-planned and confident steps.

Our Secret Sauce

Resistance is the biggest enemy of all changes.

It is also the reason why great improvements fail at large enterprises. Ask yourself – “How can you engage participants into collaboration, accept changes, give valuable feedback, instead of creating immediate resistance?

The key to the success is to engage departments, teams and employees from the very beginning. To make them wish for the change which we offer.

In the first step, we met all the teams in F2F meetings, we share the message, that we are here to help, not to tell you what to do. During this phase we identify the most excited and collaborative teams and they will become our first ‘clients’. As they start to benefit from the common work, enjoy that the great ideas are finally heard and turned into reality, then they will spread the news of how good this change is. The process is open and transparent, so the others, who were skeptical about the program, will be more and more interested to join.